How Public Relations Can Take your Club from Petite to Elite

Not enough members in your club at the moment? The problem is, not enough people know that your club exists. Let’s change that reality by implementing some effective Public Relations strategies that can raise awareness for your club and bring guests to their first meeting. Here are 4 suggestions to take your club from petite to elite.

Build a website for your club

The best thing you can do for your club is to create a website. But if you’re going to do this, then you need to do it well. Fortunately we live in the digital era where the rate of technology changes faster than a pair of wet underpants. It is unbelievably easy to get up and running. I recommend using site ground for your domain hosting and wordpress to build the site. 

Bonus – Platinum Presence is a bi-annual award given to the club with the best website. Submit to PR@D4TM for consideration. This year’s winners will be announced at the upcoming Fall Conference. 

Create a community page on Facebook

Social media is for the kids, right? No! Wake up. Social is the fasted adopted media and communications platform of all time. Everyone is on social whether they want to admit it or not. 

Build a Facebook page for your club and begin sharing meaningful content in the form of articles. blogs, meeting pictures, and event invitations. 

Create a YouTube channel

Want to really market the club? What’s better than video content? Show your prospective members what your club can truly offer them by sharing video content from members.

You can even create a commercial advertising the club. Members can then share that video to their corresponding networks across all the social media channels they prefer (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).

Bonus – Feeling good about your club commercial? Submit it to PR@D4TM for consideration for this year’s Diamond Director’s award. Winners will be announced at the Fall Conference. 

Create a club newsletter

Don’t call it a comeback. Newsletters may feel like a relic from the early 2000s but when you come across a good one, it’s gold. Put your editor in chief hat on and source content from your club members. Don’t forget that working on a newsletter also earns your members CL credit. 

Bonus – Submit your club’s newsletter to for consideration for the Golden Quill award. Winners will be announced at the upcoming Fall Conference. 

Take your club to the next level through PR and don’t forget to submit for either Platinum Presence, Diamond Director, and/or Golden Quill. Winners will be announced at this year’s Fall District Conference.

Register for the Fall Conference at:

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Eugene Chen joined Toastmasters in June 2013. He is a member of First Republic Toastmasters and Cable Car Toastmasters. During his time with the organization, he has held a variety of club and district level leadership roles - the most recent being Public Relations Manager for District 4 during the 2016-2017 term. Outside of Toastmasters, Eugene leads the Enterprise Collaboration program at First Republic Bank where he uses the mechanics of social media, community management, information architecture, and user experience design to help his colleagues work smarter together. He’s also an avid half-marathon runner and has competed in over 20 races to date.

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