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Every February 2, people around the U.S. and Canada observe a quirky folk holiday, seeking to predict the change of seasons by turning their eyes to the ground… and a furry meteorologist. According to the tradition of Groundhog Day, if the groundhog wakes from hibernation and sees its shadow, winter will last for six more weeks; but if the day is cloudy, spring will arrive early.

In the film Groundhog Daythe protagonist finds himself trapped in a time loop, living the same day over and over again. At first, he copes with his predicament by indulging in shallow and selfish behavior — committing petty crimes, playing pranks and other antisocial antics. But after a colleague inspires him, he begins to seriously reflect on his situation. He takes advantage of this gift of time to learn new skills, improve himself, form meaningful connections with others, and give back to the community. Ultimately, it’s his change in attitude that allows him to break the cycle and move forward in life.

Do you ever feel stuck in a rut? When you want to make a change in your life, how do you start? And once you start, how do you stay on track? Even if you have a plan with clear milestones, regularly checking your progress is critical. It’s easy to lose sight of your #goals if you never lift your head up to get a clear view of the sky. Where do you want to be in six months — one year — five years? What can you do today to move one step closer? Are you headed in the right direction? Have your goals changed, and do you need to adjust your path accordingly?

While Groundhog Day may be popular, in reality the animals’ predictions are accurate less than half the time. Don’t leave your goals up to chance or superstition; YOU get to be in charge of your own success! This month, give yourself the gift of time and reflection to assess your own communication and leadership goals. Is your forecast cloudy or clear? How can the D4TM community help you create positive change?

I invite everyone to attend District 4’s Toastmasters Leadership Institute this February 18 in San Francisco. Join us for networking, community-building, and personal and professional development opportunities with all the talent, heart and creativity we are known for in District 4. Forecast: SUCCESS!

About Aubrey Carrier 12 Articles
Aubrey Carrier joined Toastmasters in January 2011 on a dare. Though she expected to leave after a few months, Toastmasters sparked her lifelong love of learning and she’s now been with the program five years and counting! Participating in Toastmasters has opened up opportunities Aubrey never imagined, ranging from team leadership and large-scale event-planning, to re-enacting urban wildlife encounters and pretending to be a cabaret singer (not at the same time). After serving in multiple club officer roles, she was inspired to get into District leadership to achieve immunity from competing in speech contests. As District Director, Aubrey guides the District Leadership Team to motivate, support and inspire the members in our District, toward the goal of providing a welcoming environment for all members to achieve personal and professional development goals – and have fun doing it! As a diverse and talented membership, our many voices make up one strong community! Outside of all things Toastmasters, Aubrey spends her time walking up and down hills and perfecting her applause techniques at various live theater performances around the Bay Area.

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