Journey to the D4 Toastmasters Spring Conference (Part I) – Registration is Open



Welcome to the first blog on the joys and lessons of Toastmasters conference planning! Registration is OPEN. Early Bird Pricing is on now but it ends on April 30 – register today to secure your ticket at a lower price!

The conference will take place Saturday, May 20, 2017, with an optional Sunday morning workshop on Sunday, May 21, 2017, at the Crowne Plaza – Foster City. The conference theme is ALWAYS IN MOTION. What’s special about that theme? It encapsulates the essence of our region and of District 4: constant innovation, an adventurous spirit, and resiliency. The conference theme celebrates each of us for bringing that into our District 4 Community!

Planning started with preliminary recruitment for some key roles. Two such crucial members are Annamarie Buonocore, ACB, CL (of Chamber Speakers Circle Toastmasters) who as Conference Chair, is leading, supporting and inspiring a team of several dozen volunteers. Click here to sign up if interested in joining the conference planning committee!

Dennis Chase, DTM (Genentech Toastmasters) has signed on to lead conference registration again. Having served as Registration Chair at the 2016 Fall Conference, he has shared lessons learned and tips with us:

Why register?

  1. To make sure we order enough food, programs and other materials!
  2. To make sure we have enough seats!
  3. To ensure all delegates have proper voting materials/credentials/proxies for the Business Meeting!
  4. Better security – the hotel is a public place after all!

Why register now?

Dennis followed his own advice and was the very first person to register. In doing so, he took advantage of the preferred pricing. Early bird prices are still available. Take advantage!

Finally, contact me at if you’d like to learn more about how you can use district credits your club has earned to register club members/delegates for the conference.

See you at the big event.

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Noemi Gonzalez serves as District 4's District Director. Since joining Toastmasters 5 years ago, she has since served as President, VPE, VPM, and at the district level as Area, Division, Club Growth and Program Quality Director, solidifying the belief that we grow the most as leaders and communicators when we enable leadership in others.


  1. A District 4 Conference is a university education in one day. So many educational benefits learned without books, but straight forward, hands on teaching/learning situation. Leadership is at its best. We are the envy of many toastmasters districts. High quality standards is our BRAND. I’m proud to be a toastmaster in this district. Thank you leaders.

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