You did it!

A career counselor once told me, “It ain’t braggin’ if you done it.” Too often, we minimize our accomplishments out of a sense of modesty or self-consciousness. But hiding your light can backfire and keep you from new opportunities and experiences — and from enjoying the recognition you deserve for a job well done!

This advice has been on my mind the past month as I scroll through my social media feed. It’s impossible to overlook — graduation season is here! It seems that almost everyone I know is celebrating a relative’s or friend’s graduation from high school, college, law school, or other educational programs (including obedience school for some four-legged friends!). Last month I had the honor to watch my own sibling, in mortarboard and gown, pick up a well-earned college diploma. The ceremony was held in a 14,000-seat arena, and the entire space was filled with the energy and enthusiasm of the new graduates and all those who had come to cheer for them. An unforgettable sense of pride and accomplishment electrified the air.

While Toastmasters members don’t “graduate” from the program, we have many opportunities to recognize a job well done while looking ahead to the next goal. The Toastmasters year runs from July 1-June 30. With year-end approaching, this is an ideal time for you and your club to look back on your accomplishments of the past 11 months and take time to celebrate all the progress you’ve made. What is your club most proud of this year? Maybe you celebrated a milestone anniversary, held a wildly successful Open House, built your way back up after a dip in membership, applauded a member who earned the club’s first DTM, or achieved Distinguished status for the first time (or the nth time in a row… or the first time in a while!). The sky’s the limit! Every club is different, so you and your members are the local subject-matter experts.

Whatever your top achievement, one surefire way to recognize and amplify your success is to share it with the rest of the community! In this spirit, District 4 invites you to take the “We Did It” Challenge — film a 15-30 second video telling us your club’s proudest accomplishment of the past year. Upload to YouTube and share with It’s quick, easy, and any club can participate. All clubs who complete the challenge by June 30 will earn their choice from a selection of Toastmasters prizes!

And if there are any goals still pending on your to-do list, keep striving! There’s still a month left to complete this year’s goals, and gear up for next year’s successes! I hope to see your club’s “We Did It” message soon. We are all proud of you. Because… you did it!

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Aubrey Carrier joined Toastmasters in January 2011 on a dare. Though she expected to leave after a few months, Toastmasters sparked her lifelong love of learning and she’s now been with the program five years and counting! Participating in Toastmasters has opened up opportunities Aubrey never imagined, ranging from team leadership and large-scale event-planning, to re-enacting urban wildlife encounters and pretending to be a cabaret singer (not at the same time). After serving in multiple club officer roles, she was inspired to get into District leadership to achieve immunity from competing in speech contests. As District Director, Aubrey guides the District Leadership Team to motivate, support and inspire the members in our District, toward the goal of providing a welcoming environment for all members to achieve personal and professional development goals – and have fun doing it! As a diverse and talented membership, our many voices make up one strong community! Outside of all things Toastmasters, Aubrey spends her time walking up and down hills and perfecting her applause techniques at various live theater performances around the Bay Area.

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