Also known as the Pathways Learning Experience, the new educational program was rolled out this morning to all districts in Region 2, which includes our very own District 4. Immediately after, I enrolled in the program. Tonight, I am giving the Pathways Icebreaker!

Why did I enroll so quickly? Because I am on a journey to develop my ability to communicate and lead to the highest possible levels, and Pathways offers innovative paths to do that. The “legacy” program (the educational program we’ve been following to date) has enabled me to grow tremendously during the past five years. Now, I am ready to tackle new skills like Change Management and Coaching; my goal is to be a visionary communicator and dynamic/strategic leader! Will you join me in this exploration?

You may be wondering:

I invite you to Log In. If you are starting from, click on the EDUCATION tab and select Pathways Learning Experience. Then, take the self-assessment test so that you may SELECT YOUR PATH! You may BEGIN YOUR PATHWAYS JOURNEY at any time!

Your assigned Pathways Guide may have already given a Pathways presentation at your club, if not, it’s coming soon. Don’t miss it! For any questions about Pathways, speak to your VP Education too. They have access to people, resources and tools to support your transition into Pathways and/or, alternatively, your roadmap to DTM completion under the legacy program.

(*) For now and for two years after Pathways is rolled out to every region in the world (we’ll be updated on this date later) we can continue working on the legacy program. If you are interested in reaching Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) level under the legacy program by by then, speak to your VP Education to develop a plan around your goals.

Go to District 4’s Pathways Page to read a carefully curated summary of the program and the resources available to you. As always, visit for a wide range of information about District 4 and Toastmasters in general.

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Noemi Gonzalez serves as District 4's District Director. Since joining Toastmasters 5 years ago, she has since served as President, VPE, VPM, and at the district level as Area, Division, Club Growth and Program Quality Director, solidifying the belief that we grow the most as leaders and communicators when we enable leadership in others.

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