Pen A Club Newsletter and Win the Golden Quill Award

Publishing a club newsletter is one of the best ways to keep your members engaged and up-to-date with the latest club and district news. A great club newsletter will publicize upcoming meetings or special events, introduce new members and provide informative educational materials. Regularly publishing a club newsletter can help build stronger connections between your club members resulting in a stronger club culture.

At each year’s Spring Conference the district recognizes the outstanding work of VPPRs and their committees in publishing club newsletters by selecting one club to receive the Golden Quill Award, for the district’s best club newsletter. The best club newsletters in each division will also be recognized at the Spring Conference.

To submit a club newsletter send a PDF, HTML or JPG copy of your club newsletter(s) to before April 30, 2018. Only one published newsletter is required for Golden Quill eligibility but the number of newsletters published will be taken into consideration during judging.

If your club hasn’t published a club newsletter recently the article “Finding a Voice for Your Club Newsletter” in the August 2007 edition of the Toastmasters Magazine provides details on how to get started.


Judging Criteria

  1. Club Information (10%)
    1. Club name, officers’ names, position & contact information
    2. Meeting location, address, time, directions to the venue
    3. Calendar / List of Events
  2. Toastmasters Program (10%)
    1. Announcements of District news
    2. Toastmasters branding & mission
  3. Layout & Presentation (30%)
    1. Consistent use of typography, whitespace and color
    2. Effective use of graphics
    3. Overall creativity
  4. Newsletter Content (50%)
    1. Recognition of club members’ achievements
    2. News of recent and upcoming club activities
    3. Message from the club’s President or other officers
    4. Educational value including tips and articles
    5. Quantity of newsletters published
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