Building Your Toastmasters Club Success Toolbox

I’ve been in Toastmasters for five years (to the month!) and even as District Director, there are still resources I’m learning about. Every month is filled with thoughts of, “Why didn’t anyone tell me that?” or “Why has it taken me so long to learn about this?” but I’ve come to realize it’s impossible to know everything. That’s the beauty (and sometimes frustration) of being part of a lifelong-learning organization.

This is why the current District 4 Leadership Team conducted a “Club Success Toolbox” webinar on July 30th — to give members the chance meet us virtually and discover resources to help their club succeed. Watch the webinar recording by clicking this link or continue reading for the highlights.

Club Success Toolbox Webinar

1) Say Hello to Your District Leaders

Beyond the club, there are area, division, district, and international leaders volunteering to support the members. As a club officer or member, your go-to will be your Area Director. They will visit their clubs throughout the year, providing resources and reminders to help each club meet their unique goals. Not sure which area you’re in? Click here to find out.

Toastmasters International Structure

Our District Team

2) Bookmark Available Resources

For officers, Google is your friend! There are thousands of Toastmasters clubs throughout the world, so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Here are some of the most bookmarked sites:

To discover more resources, connect with others around the world on topics from officer best practices to questions about Pathways. There is an endless amount of information out there, so filter what works best for you and your goals.

3) Earn Free “Money” (Credit) For Your Club

Does your club need a gavel, lectern, or guest book? Or perhaps your club wants to award its Toastmasters of the Year with District Conference admission? Achieve our incentive programs to earn district credits for your club, which can be used to purchase items from the Toastmasters International online store or tickets to education events.


4) Plan for Club Success

Club officers must attend a fall training session by August 31st (and a spring training session by February 28th). This year in District 4, there will be group discussions before the officer role breakouts, centered around working as a team on the Club Success Plan and Distinguished Club Program.

Click the links below to see training sessions around the Bay Area:

Any member is welcome to attend, especially those who are interested in becoming a club officer in the future!

5) Stay One Step Ahead

For International and District leaders to communicate important information, keep your officer and member list updated. If any changes to mailing or email addresses need to be made, sign into or call World Headquarters at (720) 439-5050 for assistance.

Also keep your club in good standing by ensuring your officers submit dues before the two deadlines of September 30th and March 30th. Check out our blog post “Make Dues Renewal Season A Breeze With These Tips.”


6) Explore Additional Opportunities

Below are a few ideas on getting more involved with Toastmasters when you’re ready. Contact the member of our team listed in parentheses to learn more:

  • Program Quality Team (
    • Officer Training Facilitators
    • Education Workshop Facilitators
    • Webinar Hosts
    • Speech Contest Chairs
    • Conference Committee Chairs
  • Club Growth Team (
    • Kickoff/Demo Team Members
    • Club Sponsors, Coaches, Mentors, Consulants
    • Club Ambassador Program (CAP) Participants
    • Open House Committee Members
  • Public Relations Team (
    • Guest Bloggers
    • Social Media Managers
    • Marketing Campaign Managers
    • Graphics Team Members

As you can see, there’s tons to absorb, but we’re all learning together. Thank you for being an integral part of this organization and always striving to better yourself. On behalf of the District Leadership Team, we look forward to meeting you this year!

About Stefanie Chow 15 Articles
Stefanie Chow began her Toastmasters journey in August 2013 in order to expand her personal and professional network. She is thrilled to be serving District 4 as its District Director. Her crowning achievement is competing twice at the District level of the International Speech Contest -- once in San Diego and once in San Francisco. While she is not attending Toastmasters meetings, she is utilizing her communication skills as an advocate volunteer for Freedom House, a shelter for human trafficking survivors. Stefanie also enjoys her career as a meeting and events professional and spends her leisure time exploring craft breweries, watching Broadway musicals, and running with her Siberian husky puppy Oz!

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