10 Purchases That Can Enhance Your Club Member Experience

If you had the opportunity to spend a little extra to enhance the experience of your Toastmasters club, would you?

Of course you would!

The real question is, “Where can we get the funds to do so?”

District 4 is currently running two incentive programs, September Sanity and Smedley Stretch, to help clubs earn credits to spend on their members. Read more about District 4’s fall incentive programs through this resource.  Once you have the funds you need, whether using District credits or existing club funds, consider purchasing the following items to augment the member experience. 

1. Track Member Progress With Wall Charts

Transparency and gamification are powerful motivators. Wall chart sets can be used to (1) display how many speeches each member has given and how many functionary roles they have filled and (2) serve as a leaderboard highlighting the most dedicated members.

Wall Chart Set

2. Recognize Members With The Halfway to Competent Communicator Ribbon

The halfway point is a pivotal moment in any occasion, whether it be a race, project, or path to completing the Competent Communicator manual. If members need a little extra encouragement, recognize them with this halfway ribbon! The Toastmasters store is filled with many other types of ribbons, such as Best Table Topics, Most Improved, and Competent Leader.

Halfway Ribbon

3. Track Visitor Attendance With A Guest Book

Use this black with silver foiling guest book to record the names, addresses and contact information of your guests. It’s fun for members to look back and see their name from when they were a guest! The Toastmaster store also has branded folders for guest packets. Get creative with how you greet your guests and ask them to join the club.

Guest Book

4. Recognize Icebreaker Speeches and Guest Speakers With Branded Trinkets

Plunging into that first Competent Communicator speech is no easy task. Let your new members know the magnitude of their accomplishment by gifting them a glass mug, keychain, pen, or other trinket that can be found in the Toastmasters store. These are also great ways to thank guest speakers for their time.

Glass Mug

5. Showcase Member Achievement With A Trophy

It’s contest season again. Are you having trouble recruiting members to participate? Trophies can help draw attention to the event and motivate prospective participants. Whether it be for speech contests, awards nights, or just because, trophies are the embodiment of personal achievement.


6. Award Pins to Members When Crossing Important Milestones

Similar to trophies, pins are a great keepsake item for members, especially if it takes work to earn one. Use your available funds to purchase pins but award them out during specific moments of member achievement (earning the CC, earning the CL, becoming a club officer, etc).

CC Pin

7. Educate Members By Showcasing the Advanced Manual Track

It’s common for members to miss out on advancing past the Competent Communicator and Leadership manuals. Why? Because they don’t know the advanced track exists! Purchase a set of advanced manuals and leave them out during the meeting for members to browse through. And remind them that they receive TWO free manuals after completion of their first Competent Communicator manual!

Advanced Manual

8. Run Your Meeting In Style With A Portable Lectern

If your club does not yet have a lectern, reaching two incentives will earn you enough credit to purchase this portable wood lectern, which has a self-contained handle, making it easy to bring to each club meeting.

Portable Lectern

9. Show Your Club Pride With A Customized Club Banner

What is the first thing you want prospective members to see when they walk into your venue to attend your first meeting? Your banner! This item represents the club’s history and achievement. Display it proudly.


10. Purchase Admission to District Fall & Spring Conferences

Did you know that credits can also be applied towards admission to District conferences? This is a great way to give your members exposure to the Toastmasters world outside of their club. By attending District conferences, members will be able to learn valuable skills during educational sessions while networking with other Toastmasters. Credits expire May 31 so use them wisely!


Now that you know what you can do to boost the member experience, participate in the District campaigns to earn even more funds for your club. Get members onboard and excited to help achieve these milestones, because our incentive programs ultimately benefit them. To learn more about our incentive programs, visit this resource.

Questions? Contact credits@d4tm.org

About Stefanie Chow 12 Articles
Stefanie Chow began her Toastmasters journey in August 2013 in order to expand her personal and professional network. She is thrilled to be serving District 4 as its Program Quality Director. Her crowning achievement is competing twice at the District level of the International Speech Contest -- once in San Diego and once in San Francisco. While she is not attending Toastmasters meetings, she is utilizing her communication skills as an advocate volunteer for Freedom House, a shelter for human trafficking survivors. Stefanie also enjoys her career as a meeting and events professional and spends her leisure time exploring craft breweries, watching Broadway musicals, and running with her Siberian husky puppy Oz!


  1. Very good insights! I have to say, I never thought about what I would do with those additional credits but these are great examples.

  2. Some great suggestions! Our club recently struggled with how to spend some expiring credits. We chose to stock up on pins and now present them to members as they complete their communication and leadership awards.

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